5 things to keep in mind when saying your last goodbyes


Photo par Camille Parent

That’s it. Few days left and you will be in the plane for an exciting but scary adventure! At that point, it’s getting harder to think about leaving…You love your friends and family so much, that it makes it heartbreaking to let go. Hey! Don’t be sad, It will be a crazy fun adventure and you will give high fives to your new friends soon enough!

But to make it easier: here are five things to keep in mind, when saying your last goodbyes:

  1. You will be in denial:

Those last goodbyes are the weirdest. You hold them thigh, you won’t let go of your tiny ball of love, but yet, it feels like you’ll see them again tomorrow. This trip is a big project, but at that point, is too big for your brain to realise how big it actually is. Is that long separation from your beloved ones real?

  1. You might not cry:

I am the most sensitive girl. I’m always crying for stupid reasons, for instance, if a tiger dies in a movie, hah! Makes me wonder why I am not crying when giving my last hugs to my best friends, to my dear coworkers or family. If it happens to you, I guess the truth is it’s just a self-protective move to help you to actually get on that plane!! Well played brain, well played. But if you do cry, just let it go, maybe your brain wasn’t on ninja mode that day!

  1. They will cry:

They are, because they know you are leaving and they’ll miss you. For them to process you are actually leaving is easier than for you, hence the crying! Love them, hug them and kiss them goodbyes. They care for you and will miss you, but in the end you’ll still be there for each other and giving yourselves virtual hugs abroad.

  1. It won’t be perfect:

You know these situations when you feel you could have said something more meaningful. When you wish you would have found the right words and drop the pointless talking. Well, that feeling of dissatisfaction regarding your lasts words might happen. Don’t be too hard on yourself. They’re crying and you are smiling, that’s fine! You’re talking about weather and boring stuff, that’s fine too. It’s also okay if it feels awkward. Just be there and enjoy whatever happens. It’ll still be good memories in the end!

  1. You will come back:

Hey these are not definitive goodbyes! Time flies by so fast you’ll be back in no time to do way too many high fives and weird faces together.

It is just an ”Au revoir” my friend.

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