The blog was sound asleep. I was awake living a dream.

DSCN5259 7 weeks.

This is a small amount of days and hours in my regular life. Waking up, taking a coffee, studying, and seeing family and friends around a good meal are any Friday. Dreaming of holidays, studying again and taking a walk with the breeze in my face are any Monday. Drinking a tea and being exited by the hiking trip on Saturday, before falling sound asleep in the middle of the afternoon after midterm is finally over is casual Sunday.

7 weeks have passed, but life here is a wonderland. It goes fast, a lot of things happen, you experience crazy adventures and encounters, but yet, you don’t remember it all. There are too many novelties, too many sounds and feelings, too many words, friends and faces, too many tastes, lights, culture and pictures. There is just too much of everything for your tiny self in this humongous new world to recall the details and see it all. You need to keep it for yourself, share only few with your life and beloved ones back home, because your new home requires all your attention.

 It’s a blur. It’s a dream.

You need time for yourself to breath in, observe, and soak up this life opportunity and jar of happiness. Hey! You are a lucky gall!!

Being an exchange student gives you what life can be at its best. 1 month will happen within a day and you will surprise yourself gazing at a guy making pizza crust in Italy, or smiling back at a woman meticulously sprinkling flour on dough, before adding another layer on what will end up to be a yummy Turkish pastry.

Thinking how lucky you are to be here and now.

Well, that’s where I have been. Soaking up in the sunset by the ”river” that is my backyard, wandering through tiny bright colorful houses in France, singing songs and dancing with my friends, drinking Italian Coffee, biking in Amsterdam, catching myself to be curious at broken windows down my street, hiking with a castle view and being bitten by small ants, studying in a Schloss, going to a Jam session and cooking pasta too many times.

My memory is experiencing a ”frozen brain” effect caused by a joy overload.

It will take time, it might be messy, but I’m ready to tell you my dream and inspire you back.

Well at least I’ll try!!

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