Once every four years

20160105_150922Today is february 29th.

No wonder why it is such a special day. Facebook this morning warned me to make the most of it with one of its newly and friendly, yet annoying, reminder of what’s up.

So what’s up people on this day? Well if i think back four years ago, I was the same yet frankly different. I was probably lost somewhere between my dreams and ideals about what to be a grown up was all about. Targeting my future as a check list including items among:

-Buying a house

-Graduating a very socially acceptable master degree by 25

-Maintaining a healthy and long lasting relashionship

-Decorating my future appartment

-Having a kid somewhere arround 27

-And what not. 

Ah life! How funny it can tricks you in thinking you know it all, when all of a sudden, you are there, four years later,way further away from anywhere you thought you’d be. In fact, Never would have I guessed that on the next february 29th, I would live in a student dorm with posters all over the place.  Somewhere between here and there in germany, in a city that smells like chocolate and feels like you live in a tiny village where every face and every smile reminds you that you are home.

That I would sing in bars, write songs and be more determined than ever to play guitar. So determined that I would buy a guitar even thought I know nothing about it; John Snow probably knows more!! That I would have spent three weeks in Morroco with few shirts, one legging and a toothbrush and that I would loose some on the way because moony one day, moony forever. That I would see the world as a wonderful open space that I can make mine. That I would appreciate and embrace changes. That I would almost speak four languages. That I could frankly be anything, do any job, be everything; because in the end there is no such thing as society judging us for what we do, think or say. We are the only barrier to our unlimiteless potential of being free litle birds exploring the world and living our passions.

Today I can say that I couldn’t predict where I would be four years ago. I was most certainly certain of everything and yet I took the yellow path instead of the blue one.

So hey! There is no way to realise how you get somewhere; until you are there, look back and laugh about the journey. So look back at your younger self,  laugh and grab a cup of tea!!

See you in four years february 29th 

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