21 days in Morroco; 15 minutes to pack

IMG-20160206-WA0281Hello it’s me: the person that is late.

Not that I am proud of it, but frankly, sometimes I just feel like there is a time conspiracy against me; making me inevitably late no matter how hard I try. I’m working on it hey!

There is this one case though, when even if Hermione Granger uses her watch to create a weird time-lapse, you just can’t let lateness happen.

Nop, missing the only bus getting to your plane that is 1h40 away is not an option. 

So I ended up in my room, procrastinating, eating, looking at videos on YouTube, reading, not booking a hostel and not packing on the morning of that flight.

And then it was few minutes before I had to catch my bus. I had to cancel the coffee with my friend I figured I would squeeze in somehow. I had probably no time to go get cash out or buy the missing items at the drugstore and I had to pack; most definitely.

In the ideal of ideals, I would recommend you do it quickly, but at least an hour before. Ya know, just to be a little bit safer: Deal? This article retail my adventure with packing, but next article will detail the ideal backpack regarding what I learned!

How it went for me:

When you have countless minutes ahead before to go, you must start with the things you really can’t buy and that are ”vitals”. Here is how I managed my time:

1 minute: Make your bed to use it as a surface héhé!

2 minutes: Gather all your electronics together (chargers and converters)

2 minutes: Lose time on YouTube to see how many pairs of socks and underwear you really need.

1 minute: Pack 3 pairs of regular socks, 4 underwear, 1 sport bra and wonder if it really is a good choice while putting on your regular bra.

2 minutes: Choose warm clothes, preferably in wool or something that dries quickly and send pictures to your friend to help make up your mind (One wool warm shirt, one lighter long sleeve, and one raincoat)

2 minutes: Make your hygiene pouch and just pack a toothbrush and contact lenses kit because you still think you have enough time to stop by the pharmacy and because you can’t remember if your toothpaste and deodorant fit Ryanair standards (It did…Man If I had known!)

2 minutes: Realise you have no proper shirt to travel with, mentally add H&M to your things to do before catching the plane list and grab the four most appropriate tops(One dark long sleeve, one blouse, one tank top)

15 seconds: Realise you might need a pyjama and pack a versatile sport kit/pyjama; a tank top and a pair of short.

1 minute: Put one pair of legging on you and decide they will be your one and only pants with the hypothetical ones from H&M.

1 minute: Run in circles in your room while you realise you have no time left and wonder about life.

1 minute: Dress up, drop an umbrella in, put a scarf on, look for your keys you’ve lost, close your bag, get out of the door.


Okay so that really is what my packing looked like and although I could have done better (No shit Sherlock!), it taught me a lot of things:

  1. There was no way I would make it to the pharmacy or H&M.
  2. Never plan to buy things right before your plane.
  3. We always over pack, having mostly nothing was a blissful and frankly satisfying experience.
  4. Even when you have nothing you can lose things; I lost 6 things on the way! What?!(Those in bold up there!)
  5. A light backpack is the key to happiness.
  6. You might meet awesome travellers that will give you clothes which soon will become your favorites, hence the dress in the picture!

What I had to buy there:

  • Flip-Flop
  • Toothpaste
  • Hairbrush
  • Deodorant

I borrowed toothpaste the first evening, and then bought some. I spent 5 days without brushing my hair because I was too stubborn to buy a ”tourist priced” hairbrush and waited to find a ”Moroccan priced” one for ,30 cent. I’m a little bit stubborn, I’ll admit. I also was having way too much fun wondering how long it would take before my hair turned into natural dreads…But It got me a friend in the Hammam! I also needed 7 days to find flip-flop for the same reason, oupsie!

Lesson learned!  Bring these items with you; they qualify as essentials! haha

Hope you had fun laughing at my unorganised first packing for a long trip experience! To be honest, I was tremendously content with all I had, and used every single thing I brought, which is a first for me that was for a long time renowned for over packing. Basically I unintentionally forced myself into a minimalistic packing which taught me a lot and brought me satisfaction. So I would say it worked out quite well!

All the love for the minimalistic backpacking ya’ll.

*Photo credit to Hannah Elshorst

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