My life is a summer camp

hafen by floIt is not so early morning and I wake up. I make my way out of the bed, open the curtains; it’s another wonderful sunny day. One of those days where the first touch of sun on your sleepy cheeks makes you want to run outside and jump in the water while screaming AHHHHH,  before landing in a most definitely cold water.

Sun magically makes you feel 8 years old again

And then I drank water, made my way to the kitchen and it all started. After preparing a cereal bowl decorated with banana pieces for immediate consumption, I opened my patio door. Yes, I live in a student dorm and I have a patio. Okay, it is only a long shoe width, but it makes it possible to step outside, literally. Oh and that door can also be a window and open from the top which I also love; but that day was a door open kind of day.

German engineering at its best

As I opened the door, about to eat my breakfast while staring outside, I saw two of my friends sitting on the wooden deck by the water behind the dorm. I am pretty blessed and have the chance to live in the most well situated dorm ever!! From my window I see grass mounds, a wooden deck, the Neckar and a paradise to sit and relax or study, grab a beer, do barbecue or just be.

On that paradise land, my two friends were casually eating and drinking tea. We shouted at each other as I agreed to go eat my breakfast down; grabbed my spoon, tried not to spill my milk out of my bowl, didn’t lock the door because it does automatically and walked down.

And then we laughed, they drank tea and we moved down the rocks following the wooden deck to get closer to the water. We chilled there for a while and a Frisbee came on our way. My friend climbed the rock, gave the Frisbee back to the owner and we went to play with them. Another game was starting; another adventure.

I live in a summer camp

Later that day my friend walked by me and was about to go play basketball; later that day a dozens of groups of people were invading all the areas suitable to enjoy a drink and food and do a BBQ with either foil and coil rustic setting or more fancy alternatives. Later that day people went studying, and they came back to lay on the ground and soaked their face in the sun.

Later that day the sun was setting, some new games were played, some new encounters were made; a lot of Hi! and what’s up? were heard.

The next day it started all over again, the sun rising and the fire at night before peacefully going to bed or going out even later.

My life this week seemed to me as if I were in a summer camp. Where friendship and fun comes first and were everything is a new possibility to play and have fun. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Some could see this as a noisy place; just by industries the other side of the Neckar with polluted water and grey areas. I see rustic wood, bright grass, smiles and laughter’s, I see blue sky and possibilities, I see the definition of being young and wild and free just from my window.

One morning this week, I woke up with a persistent sentence in my head:

Happiness can only start when you decide to appreciate and embrace little things.

See your life as a summer camp, see your life as a waterpark, see your life as a garden full of life, and see your life as anything but grey. Because there is always green and bright and light; even when you are surrounded by pollution and industries, even when the little paradise of a Dorm that is your home is surrounded by smog and constructions.

Have a good day!

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