New Direction

20160327_201138I am moving to Berlin on Thursday!

Exiting isn’t it?  Well I’m so excited that I will perhaps dye my hair in Pink. That might or might not be true; who knows?

Here what will be coming up in the next weeks:

  • Moving in a new Tiny Flat with my boyfriend
  • Trying to buy stuff for the flat without spending money
  • Sending another 20 applications and hoping to get an interview
  • Buying music equipment and working on awesome projects
  • Trying to learn German for once, for real, I promise this time.

Let’s call it exploration.

My blog had a kind of blurry direction last year, with a really bad rhythm of publication. OUPSIII. But to be fair, I was busy having the time of my life and traveling over the world with a blue backpack. Oh did I mention I was finishing my bachelor in Psychology? Well there is that too!

But a bachelor in hand, crazy ideas in my head and a birthday coming up soon, I’ve decided to redirect my blog toward everything. To take this child upon a more ”grown-up” kind of life with stories and inspirations, random thoughts and imagination.

I want this blog to be the platform of my mind; full of colors, full of hopes, full of bad jokes. I want to let go of boundaries, write whatever and see where it’ll take me. I want to stop being afraid of words I could put down on paper, because truly, there is a very very low risk they will bite.

Things that you might see coming up:

  • Life of an expat that doesn’t even have a residency statues in Canada anymore. Wait, what?
  • The journey of a Singer that will make it somehow
  • Minimalism. Let’s talk. Plus, my flat is SOOOO KLEINE.
  • Low-consumption
  • Travel and inspiration
  • Yoga and lifestyle

Sounds like random?

Well I’m pretty random.

Stay tuned and welcome back.

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