A Delightful Croissant on the Bed

14423961_10154128675514585_583209936_oMoving into a new flat in Germany is also having to deal with many little things.

No WiFi, no furniture, no Kitchen tools, no holder for the toilet paper…

You know, all these tiny little things! But it’s also a reminder of patience.

  • Yes, it takes 14 days for IKEA to deliver.
  • Yes, all your clothes are just hanging around on the floor in an organized mess.
  • Yes, you live in a Village because everything closes at 8 except this one expensive grocery far far away.
  • Yes, it’s expensive to spend your day at a coffee place for Internet.
  • I love coffee.
  • Yup, I never realized how vital was the WiFi.
  • No, you can’t rely on public transport because it passes every 45 minutes.
  • At least your new phone as a steps counter: Hurray!
  • 1,3 km to get a coffee this morning!
  • I’m very sporty.
  • No, you don’t have a washing machine yet.
  • Yes, the acoustic of emptiness is so good to sing.
  • Yes, you spent countless hours on job search and still haven’t found anything.
  • Yes, the IKEA bill was expensive.
  • Fuck the IKEA bill was expensive.
  • Okay you’ll search for some more jobs.
  • At least you have a bed on the floor.

Falalalala I have a bed on the floor.

This bed becomes the office, the comfy chilling lounge to enjoy Netflix once you’ve steal the WiFi to your neighbor a week later, the idea creator, the nap taker, the kitchen table, the perfect stop to watch clouds out of the huge window you have, the best spot to dream of the moon in this never enough darkness of the night.

I have a flat. An empty flat. A beautiful and light flat that makes me feel like i’m floating within the clouds. We are higher up, higher up in the sky. Near Berlin, but not quite there. Living in a village that makes you feel like you are back in the days. In those days when people were not out on a Friday nights, but hanging out with their friends in a Garage. In those days when there was only one Cinema, presenting movies three weeks later than anywhere else. In those days when there was no reliable public transport and that is why everything stops at 8 pm. People go to bed, or hide in secret local spots you don’t know yet. In those days where the only bar open was that little bar at the corner of your street.

Jacob’s Corner it’s called.

I’ll have to check it out.

In the meanwhile, I’ll enjoy a walk by the canal in between applications, I’ll write few more songs, I’ll go sing in Berlin this weekend and I’ll lay on the bed and watch the clouds. It’s the calm before the city beat catches me. It’s the quietness of a beginning that beautifully reminds me to enjoy this breach in time and to go watch the fishermen wait for the water to hand them a gift in the evening. A little reminder to enjoy this nothingness while it lasts. The immense possibilities ahead, just a foot in front of me; ready to be grasped.

Am I ready?

Nom, Nom, Nom!

I’ll think about it while I enjoy my Croissant on the bed.

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