The Grand Scheme of Things

14489784_10154140609754585_1219805984_oIt’s hard to say if the reason of my happiness on this Monday morning is due to the fact that I am going to Amsterdam later today. Or maybe it’s due to the fact that I am in a coffee place that is perfectly hipster and perfectly badass in Berlin for the first time. Proof is that I almost ordered a ”flat white” coffee, but it had the mention:

(Hipsters only)

Well, I didn’t wanted to spoil myself.

Okay truth is that I’m not in a hipster coffee for the first time. I am in a random, pretty, quirky coffee in my  Home for the first time. Truth is that I realize how awesome life can be here just looking through the window from where I’m sitting and just that is priceless.

Okay 2.10 euros for the Cappuccino

And truth is, my playlist on Spotify is killing it.

A girl just stumbled with her high heals and I’m happy she didn’t notice I noticed. The street is full of colors, full of graffiti, full of style and filled with stories and I literally spent at least 10 minutes just gazing at it on the sound of Ben Howard singing ”one love” and other sweet songs in m ears. Breathing completely still, with only my eyes moving to follow the motion. People have so much style here. A girl literally just walked in the place with dark green elephant pants and she looked fierce. Who can pull that off?

The guys sitting in front of me through the window kept laughing at his friend’s joke. That guy must be really funny, Or is it a kindly reminder I should get out there and make friends?  Just beside him stands a girl with hair like fire. She is pulling off mom’s jeans and has an oversize leather jacket from the 80’s with sleeves up. A guy just came to get a coffee and cached my eyes with his platinum blond dreads tied in a bun. People are wearing grey and dark. People are wearing half-buns. Couple’s are passing by looking lovely together. People are busy on their phones. People are looking so serious like they could never smile or completely happy for no reason. I see bikes. I see old and abandoned parts of building. I see people running to work and people running for health. I see people drinking beers and people collecting empty bottles to have more coins to count.

I could spend a lifetime sitting here and never get bored. I have seen nothing and yet so much.

Berlin will be awesome

The first thing I saw today as I gazed through the window was another restaurant. On the other side of the street was a place called New Deli Yoga and offering vegan food. As soon as I sat on my chair, I realized I could have picked any other coffee and be fully satisfied with it. Or fully wonder about the other side of the street. Always. Forever.

Truth is: There is not enough of a lifetime to taste every flavor Berlin has to offer. Time is missing even if you live somewhere. Time is missing especially when you live somewhere. There is not enough of a lifetime to travel and taste everything the world has to offer so there is no point to wonder.

Better fully enjoy wherever you are, because that place is as perfect as you would wonder it is if you were on the other side of the street. It’s a matter of perspective and as the CD on the wall reminded me:

It’s the grand scheme of things

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