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Nothing happens if you stay home

dscn9340No wonder why humans are building themselves such a cozy home. It’s easy to get caught under our blankets. It’s normal to need to watch a movie on that particular evening. It’s easy to feel like cooking would be a great idea today. It’s easy to stay home because it’s too cold or because you are tired.

In fact, it is hard to go out there, travel, try out new activities, change job, study, make new friends or just do something you’ve never done before. It’s also very hard to just do something alone when you usually go out with your friends.

Sometimes we have thoughts that looks like that:

  • It is cold.
  • It is so warm outside.
  • I haven’t relaxed in a while.
  • I need to do cleaning.
  • I need to wash clothes.
  • I feel so cozy in my blankets.
  • I just want to hang out with my boyfriend.
  • Wow, you are lucky to travel! I would never leave people behind.
  • How can you take all these evening activities? I barely have time to breath.
  • I am almost done with that season on Netflix. Than I’ll stop. I promise.
  • I have nothing to wear for that.
  • I am so unmotivated. Bleh!
  • It won’t be fun anyway.
  • I never enjoy it.
  • I could never live abroad
  • I couldn’t just move abroad and leave everyone behind.

Ninja of sneaky excuses, or dark angel or monkey on your left shoulder; ignore him!

But for some people everything goes fine. They almost never have this feeling that they are not doing enough, that time is running or that they are missing out. But for others comes a moment they get discouraged and sometimes we feel like nothing is moving or that we are caught in a routine. Especially when we are looking for something but feel like there is no way in a million year it could happen. We hide behind our screens or behind excuses and hope for an email to come in, a Skype interview to appear, an event on Facebook to be created or simply an opportunity to be more and do more than what we feel stuck in. Whether you just moved in somewhere and you feel like you need to make friends, whether you are looking for a job or an adventure; you have to get out there and conquer the world.

Your world

dscn0040The thing is that it is easy to feel overwhelmed by our lives and what we so call routine. But have you ever wonder why some people seems to have it easy with tiny miracles? Those people that always have the funny stories happening to them, crazy lucks that you couldn’t have imagined possible to share and a life that seem so exciting you could write a book about it.

Are they any different than you are? No. They just learned how to create and surf waves, how to create movement and how to play this magnificent game that is called life.

It’s just a game.

As a woman I met in a cute coffee place in Portugal in that random street once told me:

‘’ Nothing happens if you stay home’’.

When I was backpacking in Portugal, I walked alone into a tiny street, stumbled into a coffee place to buy a cheap soup and started talking with the owner being her only costumer on that peculiar afternoon; little did I knew I was starting a conversation with the woman that had been the first female DJ of Portugal, long ago.

Wait what?

dscn9345She had painted, had fun, did everything she wanted and still had that sparkle in her eyes because she was sharing her own freaking awesome movie. I will most definitely share her story on the blog soon.

How do you want your movie to be like?

In the next few articles, I will share tips and tricks about how to go out there. How to do little steps toward having a life that moves as you breathe. How to make new friends wherever you are, find motivation, beat your scariness down and bring your happiness up.

How to take a flight…

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