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Why you should challenge yourself

DSCN8391Life can get boring. It can get predictable. But the worst is when we can predict ourselves. And the only way to keep being amazed even when we stay in our routine is to allow time for crazy actions. We have to challenge ourselves to get out there and do something that goes against the first ideas our brain puts on the table.

When you have a thought or an idea for an action,  do the complete opposite and go against your mindset

It’s not so easy, but last Saturday,  as I was in the train going home after having breakfast with friends in Berlin, I decided to let magic happen. My boyfriend was out of town, it was a sunny day as they rarely are and I had a vision of myself meditating by the water in my head. A moment with my face in the sun. But during my train ride of an hour, at multiple occasion, I almost stopped to get to the river. Why almost? Because almost doing is one of the things we do the most as human beings. Yup, our dear mind always has reasons. Mine were as follows:

  • Hum, I am not quite sure how to get from the station to the river.
  • What if this stop is not the best one. Maybe next station?
  • Well, the little river in my town is fine to. Isn’t it?
  • I will wait until boyfriend comes back and go next week.
  • I am quite busy, I should just go home and work on projects first.
  • Well, I am hungry. I will just go home.

But than I slowly moved closer to the door, passed two more stations, and in a last minute rush, decided to get out in a station closer to my place because it looked  kinda pretty from far. I didn’t knew if it was a good idea or when was my next train home, but I just got out. A decision in half a second of spontaneity, that went against all of my thoughts.

As soon as I was out, I met a girl that told me the way to the river. A nice path of 8 minutes with a grocery store would be my way. And there it was. I had this amazing feeling of excitement that comes with travelling, even if I was near my home. I felt free and happy to have made a decision against my head. Because the day was about to be simply blissful.  I already felt a huge wave of well being.

New path with autumn colors, huge river where the sun was shining through the boat’s sails and a warm and soothing light to be delighted even more.  It all felt as unreal as if I were in a movie. Almost like if I  had organized a trip on purpose as a travel adventure when it was solely a random station I ride by every single day.

I had just discovered a paradise on my boring train route.

My need on that day was to reconnect and let go of any negative feelings I had. So I observed the nature, the way the mouse was carrying wood and the spider working under the sun. I finally was having my lunch on the dock, like the vision in my head that would have stayed a whisper if I didn’t act on it.

I had it all; my book, my thoughts and the last warm rays of the sun on my nose before winter comes

Our thoughts are always coming before actions. But sometimes they are restricting us from acting a way that would go against what we usually do. It’s hard to overcome fear and doubts, but with practice you might get really good at it and be that person that always ends up in nice adventures or situations. Mostly, it’s important to challenge yourself so you don’t faint into a really rigid pattern of reactions.

Don’t be bored with yourself when you can be anything, not only what you believe you are

Fight against your own will and let your body move in directions your mind won’t let you take.  This is a way to keep the travel mode on at all time. So instead of following what happens at a crazy rhythm while travelling, get out there and create your own possibilities.

Challenge yourself so you can’t predict yourself

And stay tuned for my guide to get good at tricking your brain into acting in waves instead of following straight lines.

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