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Creative Paths Of Wanderers: The Project

cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-dscn250411.jpgHello Everyone! Welcome to Let’s Take a Flight newest baby. A project for everyone curious to find their own path and their place in this world.

Let me tell you a story to put you in context

Lately, I’ve been trying to make my way into the music world. Yup, I’m trying to become a singer somehow. It is something to sing and write songs, but how do you actually put it out there?

Hello humongous beautiful world

I am from Quebec, could have started in a tiny city by a lake somewhere, but I went all in and moved to a HUGE city. So here I am, living in Berlin. Sharing the dream with others. In fact, on the Facebook group for musicians in the city, we are 11 000 people. If you can imagine, that means that at least 11 000 people in my city, having different style and levels, are mostly all aiming toward the goal of making a living out of their passion.

Wait what?

I’ve also been trying to be hired in a yoga studio. I am the proud owner of a Yoga Teacher Certification (very rare I know, who am I kidding?) But how do you make your way as an English-speaking minority to studios when the openings are scarce? And then, how do you move from teaching yoga in a regular studio, to being so established that you get invited to a huge festival like Wanderlust?

Many wonders. During that time of finding my way, my blog was right there, sleeping in a corner of a room. It was waiting for me to put together enough faith in the fact that I could do things on my own and make it shine. Waiting for me to actually bring it back on my list of priorities. How would I stand out to reach more people and spread my message?

It is frightening to see a recipe for success, believe it’s not your way, but feel completely clueless about the how to. How can you make your way in such a saturated niche?  How can you genuinely believe you have what it takes to become successful in your passion?

There is already someone out there doing things better, isn’t there?

Since I was not busy enough, I still wanted to have my own business along the way. So I’ve been collecting ideas; hundreds of ideas. What business idea should I put out there first? Do I really want to look at who’s my competition? Perhaps not. Do I actually have the skills to be an entrepreneur? Didn’t I study psychology?

HOW I AM SUPPOSED TO REACH MY GOALS? Please life, can’t you provide me with an A to Z list please? Please? Please!!!

But then I looked around and saw musicians, surfers, photographers, dancers, writers, creators, alternative thinkers, workers, parents and students… Just trying to make it too. Just trying to earn their freedom and only work for what they believe is their truth.

Yup, we are hundreds of us, yet we are still feeling alone

The list of people just trying to find their way up is longer than you think and goes from cooks to scientists. In every field of knowledge, there are people trying to pass by the woods instead of following the purple road.

My idea here is not meant to ignore the worth of traditional professions, but it’s to help everyone that has a feeling that things are not quite right, to see that there is another way. And to help them find their own way by learning from others.

It’s all about sharing

If you have this fire burning inside, bursting of passion and igniting ideas, you’ve found a place to nurture it.

With hard work, sweat drops and tears in making mistakes, smiles and laughter in celebrating small successes and a promise to always aim for more until you finally know you’ve made it; you can do it.

(Drum roll) ……. And here comes Creative paths of Wanderers: The project!

I want to give a voice to all these people. I want to create a platform where you can get a better idea of what it takes to make progress in different areas that don’t have a clear path already designed. It will give us a way to keep track of the ups and downs and decide which strategies we can take for ourselves and which mistakes we must avoid.

For 1 year, every week, you’ll be able to follow the progress of more than 8 people, trying to follow their passion in different areas. And it will hopefully keep growing until each and every type of path is represented and we can all become role models for each other!

Introspection is a precious tool!

Have you ever wondered how to become a surfer? I guess you’ll find out soon what it takes. But our first Flighter will be surfing between travelling to a new location every month and being a freelance. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss her first introspection of the year toward reaching her goal.

How was January for you?

Stay tuned for the first article of the project tomorrow!

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