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Happy new year? Happy new day!

img_20160402_122257-Happy new year!

-Happy new year to you too.

These were the wishes exchanged by me and the barista on the first Monday morning of 2017. A whole new year to be happy about. A new year of 365 days and I don’t know yet what will happen. Strange to think that in a few months, almost everyone will have let go of the excitement of the new year. Resolutions will have been tossed out of the window and life will have gone back to its rhythm, the normal days, the daily life.

But how beautiful I find the enthusiasm that vibrates around midnight December 31st. So many people happy to start another year. Crowds dancing, people kissing, hugging each other and wishing the best wishes. Excited for what’s next to come. For a new period of life to kick in. For a new cycle around the sun. If only we would do that on a daily basis. To cheers, on midnight every day, for the new day ahead. To be excited about the new day to come, full of unknown events and possibilities. To be excited, not about the seasons, but about the sun to rise, shine and set all over again.

To breath the fresh morning air, walk over the earth and use the energy that has been given to us to experience the new day that has come.

Maybe a daily champagne would not be so realistic, would it? And to stay up for most of the night every night, probably neither. Either way, the concept of celebrating something new, should be possible to integrate. Right? Maybe just with a coffee or a juice. Something fresh, something that gets you going. In a moment where you can appreciate the gift that is this new day of your life.

Happy new day! Every morning, every day.

Cause every day is to be celebrated. Of course, some will be good, some will be bad. But just to be alive is a gift that should be celebrated all year long. No matter how rough it might get or how though your day will be. It’s a new world as soon as you wake up. When you celebrate the fact of being alive, just as it is, you can go through each day always nourishing a flake of excitement. That same vibrant energy that is passed around every year at midnight on December 31st is at your door every night and ready to be passed around. Will you?

Happy, happy day to you!

A beautiful text by Floor Veerman. 

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