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Becoming An Artist


January of Marjolaine Savoie part 2

In the part 1, I was explaining how everything took place. How I was living in Canada, pursuing the path that I thought was right for me, and ended up living in Berlin and trying to make it as an artist.

So here I am. Hello Berlin!

In the last months, I’ve been really busy arriving in Berlin, getting my visa, singing a capella in bars, writing songs,  finding a flat, changing my CV, making a cover letter, searching for a job, and slowly establishing my new routine as a newly graduated human trying to make it into the world. It might not seem like that, but it is a switch of routine to be out of school.

But that is a subject for another article

January was the start date of all my projects in their official form. They are not a student’s passion on the side. They are meant to become what I see them becoming. There is no excuses anymore. I have to make it happen because no one is waiting for me and I owe this to myself. Taking part in the project is a way to keep track of what I will do starting now.

Because now matters

The last months and years have been a preparation. I needed some months to settle and get perspective and inspiration. I am ready. Before starting any project, I had to feel it igniting from within.  But I feel confident in my projects now. It is not just a vision or a dream anymore.

There is a How To and a willingness to start

What I did well in January: 

  • I stopped to fear about time (I am to old too, what if it doesn’t happen in this time frame, what If I don’t have enough time to become a singer what if I’m loosing my time…)
  • I flew back to Germany from my Holidays in Canada and got highly inspired to write songs and make it happen.
  • I reflected a lot on the past months and defined a clear vision for the year
  • I went to sing in a bar and met a guitarist that told me I couldn’t be everything I wanted because it was too many things.

 ”Do you know anyone successful in four areas? You have to pick something. If music is your priority, make it so!”

  • I reflected about the fact that I maybe was being unreasonable.
  • I realized I could be more than one thing If I wanted too, I just had to prioritize to put my main focus one thing up front at a time and be patient for results.
  • Actually making sure I don’t aim for results, but just give my best without expectations.
  • I started waking up at 5 am every day. Then I used a bit too many cheat sleeping days and It wasn’t everyday anymore.
  • I sent emails to music rehearsing rooms to find a band or tips on how to find a band.
  • I get answered!I got on a music Facebook group and found a guitarist.
  • I followed up with my several yoga teaching candidacies and got my first substitute class contract in one of the best studio! (Great, except two students showed up)
  • I met with the guitarist 3 times, we didn’t get along and had a music style too far from each other so we broke it off. (Even though he had the same name and was from the same place as my first guitarist ever which was such a funny coincidence!)
  • I realized I wouldn’t like to do music with someone I am not friend with. Especially if I am to do Tours in the future (living up the dream).
  • I tried to convince boyfriend to become my pianist instead.
  • I started recording a meditation track with my boyfriend.
  • I planned on meeting another band that found me on a music add website.
  • I never met them since their rehearsal room was 2 hours away.
  • I felt overwhelmed at work. I couldn’t pursue my full time job and commit on my projects at the same time. So I found another part time job and wrote my resignation letter at work.
  • My current job convinced me to stay and offered me a part time schedule so I stayed!
  • I though about stopping to write on my blog, but ended up creating an awesome project, worked on it and redefined its direction.

What I didn’t do so well in January:

  • I still didn’t order my pictures from last year’s travelling (more than 90 days worth of picture).
  • I didn’t change my phone contract.
  • I haven’t bought a sim card to call my grandma in Canada.
  • I still don’t speak good German.
  • I haven’t bought the missing items of my flat.
  • I haven’t trained enough.
  • The 5 am morning routine is a work in progress.

January felt like such a long month as things kept happening in every directions and more than once. One day I had a musician, one day I didn’t. One day I was quitting my job, one day I wasn’t. One day I though I had to form a band. The other I realized I wanted to be a solo artist with my own musicians.  I basically realized that to make things move, you have to take actions.  I sent emails and got answers. I searched for musicians and had meetings. I needed change in my work schedule and I found a solution.

In the end, I am not in a rush anymore. I try to set 3 goals a day and hold on to them. Because I know things are moving when you start moving even if your direction is not the clearest. It’s like dancing in your bedroom. The importance is not how awesome your moves are, but that you start moving. You’ll have fun and you’ll get result; a feeling of happiness, satisfaction and surely some improvement.

What’s up next?

  • Finding musicians to work on my songs
  • Working on my current songs
  • Launching my blog and working hard on the project
  • Starting my business plan with my boyfriend
  • Printing yoga cards and starting to teach yoga regularly somehow

If it is not working, I am not trying hard enough.

About the author: Marjolaine is the owner of the blog, a young graduate in Psychology and a Yoga teacher. She lives in Berlin and is aiming toward her goal of having a career as an artist while being her own boss. While slowly making her way into the music scene and the Yoga community, she secretly dreams of having enough money to do a tour of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

To learn more about the project  it’s here

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