Lost & Found

Are you free?

dscn1122There is this moment when you realize you are a free bird, biking fast thought the humongous park that serves you as a backyard, it’s the first time you see the sky as blue as it is, and this air whipping your face is a blissful hello from this new playground you realize you always had;

Free border, unlimited access to the sands, to the cliffs, to the sea and to the clouds

dscn1145It’s all yours because you were blessed with this incredible chance of arriving on the country that would allow you everything.

You are a lucky fish among a dangerous sea

dscn1132And yet it seem like you’ve always restricted yourself to a tiny box. A self-constraint space because it feels safe to be in a tiny controlled jail. Doesn’t it?

Jail, box, boundaries, call it as you want

But this limited territory is bigger than the value you’ve given to it

Are you ready to break free?

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