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Operation: No More Tasks Left Behind


Yeah! If you’ve made it here, I believe you are either a great master at procrastinating and you’d like to find a boost of motivation, or you feel like this weekend would be a good weekend to get things done. Well you’ve found the perfect article to do so!

First, If you haven’t seriously considered that your issue with procrastinating was an issue, you should definitely read that article. It’s a great step at taking a deeper look into the why and how come of procrastination.

I think I’ve gotten way better than I was. I am usually setting daily goals and sticking to it. I am trying to avoid useless distractions and separate work focused hours with relaxing and playful hours. I got better! But I can shamelessly admit that I have been holding behind some tasks and moving them from To do’s to To do’s months after months until it reaches a point where I can’t take it anymore.

How many more months will pass before I order my pictures from September 2015? Enough is enough!

Lately, I’ve passed through my folders and finally cleared some paperwork. But I have to once and for all do two things:

  1. Order, organize, delete, print and enjoy my pictures from my year abroad (that represent a whole year and a half in Germany, more than 10 countries visited and 90 days of backpack and travel).
  2. Organize my lost letters, songs, cards and random texts, that are sleeping in a box.

I am sure you also have these noxious tasks in the back of your head that you have just been carrying for days, weeks, even months. Now is time to clear your head!

Why holding on to tasks is unhealthy? 

  • It creates a devastating circle that allows you to procrastinate. Even if you would be done with your daily tasks, the actual idea of having things you could be doing in your head turns your relaxation into procrastination.

The real way to eliminate procrastination from your life is to have nothing to procrastinate on

  • It keeps you away from starting new projects. Think about it, if you know in the back of your head that you are not done with your tasks, you will believe that you are too busy to start new things. Unconsciously, you will chose procrastination of tasks you don’t feel like doing over creation of new projects and ideas. Break it off!
  • It makes you feel less worthy. Have you ever felt the incredibly satisfying feeling of being done with something whether it’s finals, dinner, sport or work? The more you accomplish tasks, the greater you feel and the greater you feel, the more you accomplish tasks. Make sure you get into that positive circle instead of holding yourself down.
  • Because you actually spend hours of your precious mind thinking about things you haven’t done yet for nothing. Stop being worried and preoccupied by tasks, when they actually are smaller than you think. Those things you have put behind might take you only few hours to get in order once you finally start.

Don’t give your tasks that power to haunt you for so long. They will never take as long as you are afraid they will

  • Because holding tasks behind might transform an activity that could be fun (for instance ordering travel pictures)  into something that seems painful to even start or heavy to get done. The more you wait, the heavier any task appear. Don’t let that happen.

So, what’s your goal this weekend? 

  • Make a list of all those haunting tasks you’ve been carrying.
  • Decide of 1 and make a promise to yourself you will see it through.
  • Break the other ones in smaller tasks and try to spread them through next week’s schedule.

How many will you get done? 

I’ll post more tricks and tips to get through our To do’s next Friday! 🙂

Well, if you have any tasks left behind then! Good luck!

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