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On The Way To Become A Virtual Assistant

img-20160206-wa0202January of Sophie Quan

For me, “Creative Path of Wanderers” is an amazing opportunity to share a personal diary, with a committed project in mind. But I have so many projects and I would like to share to you so many things! I am not focused… yet.

I was always attracted to social entrepreneurship and philanthropy. I like to help others. In any ways, I would like to help great people and organizations with great ideas and purposes become even greater. I would like to relieve people from stress, anxiety, anger, and all the dark emotions, through their personal and professional development.

Right after high school, I enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Logistics Officer and I wanted to become later on in my career a Training Development Officer. I had lots of reflections about the changes I could perhaps bring to that big governmental organization. I quickly realized that it would be harder than I thought, but I also learned that lots of good things start with good administrative work and processes. And I really did enjoy all these tasks that seemed so misunderstood! Unfortunately, after a few years, I had to take some time and steps back due to health reasons and I returned to the “civilian” world.

Now, thanks to my wonderful husband, I have the chance to not have to “work” and/or to work “normally” for a living. (As long as I can bake, we are happy!) I am kinda free to do whatever I want, but not quite however and/or whenever. That is why/how the idea of working from home and being a virtual assistant came.

I also always loved words, writing and reading. I was good at school, in French and in English. I did write often to my husband when we were apart, at the beginning of our relationship. (I should get back to that!) I also wrote down my dreams when I was a teen. At work, I really liked answering to emails. I translate too! (During movies, I even put subtitles! Please, don’t judge me!) But… Who would be interested to read my thoughts? Who am I, so that someone would be interested to read my thoughts? Who to write for and why?

Although I was told that I am a social butterfly, I am pretty shy about my personal writings. (I didn’t even let my family and friends read this…) I was also told more than once that I am an old soul. I do hope to be able to touch someone somehow someday with my words…

This year, “Creative Paths of Wanderers” came on my path, at a busy and not perfect time at all. The project of becoming a Virtual Assistant had been on and off my mind for a while. I found amazing resources and I read a lot from people who are in the business for a long time. I did start a vague little something, but I always found excuses to postpone the real deal. When Marjolaine presented this project and this blog, I saw so many signs, that I finally decided to commit and to make it happen!

All that being said, my journey with “Creative Paths of Wanderers” will be about figuring out how to build my own small business, while fulfilling many passions and dreams.

Again, I am not focused… yet.

About the author:
Photo Shape Editor:
Sophie Quan is a very curious woman that reads almost anything and everything. She likes mathematics, puzzles and spreadsheets. Mostly, she’s intrigued by cognitive psychology, especially when learning new sports and physical skills. Being a runner and a hiker, she’s attracted to all kind of adventures. Her goal is to learn more about nature, sustainable development and gardening while developing her project of becoming a virtual assistant. Lover of the stars, the waves and the fire. She is a chocolate and chips monster!

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