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On The Way To Become A Mental Health Warrior

16935419_10154890857161142_773664312_oJanuary of Émélie Hébert Poulin

Greetings folks,

honestly I don’t know where to start! i’m new to the Blogging world, new to online businesses and new to being an entrepreneur. Basically i’m a rooky! (or even a noob if you are a gamer! I miss World of Warcraft!) Seriously, I wonder a lot if I can do this but you probably have self doubt too so I guess I’m normal.

When I started my faces of mental illness project I did not see the potential of it. I just wanted to share the real faces and break the stigmas surrounding mental health by taking a few pictures to post on Instagram. But this month, oh boy did my project took a new road!

Creating a complete website with absolutely NO knowledge about Blogs, websites, coding, graphic design, etc… Finding ways to monetize my website, taking pictures, developing products, give an interview on the radio for the first time and expending my initial vision. All of this while I personally struggle with mental illness and trying to get my life back.

I wish I could document everything that happened in January for me but it is pretty much impossible! But i hope I can inspire some of you. If you are new at this, just like me and that you are having good and bad moments, know that you are not alone my friends!

From a few pictures on Instagram to creating a business :

This :


To this :


Building a website is absolutely not an easy task! I launched mine on February 6th so January was cray cray! I had to start from scratch. Choosing a platform, selecting a theme and learn EVERYTHING!! You would not believe the amount of tutorials and research I did.

Here are my favorites resources I found to build my website :

Website setup:

Before I stumble on this, I had lost precious hours trying to understand how to create a website. Hosting, platform, domain, plugins, widgets bla bla bla! All of those words left me with big question marks! I thought I was incompetent and extremely stupid. When I finally found this website, ALLELUIA!!! So please, if you are new to this, start by visiting website setup, you will thank me later!

Sassy successful entrepreneurs:

This Facebook group is AMAZZZING! Staying motivated, talking about your dreams and your goals is very important when you have a business, especially when you start. There are so many obstacles, doubts and fears that you will experience so having a support group with people that gets you is priceless.

 My website in pictures :

I mainly use Canva to create my banners and designs but let me tell you that it takes me a long long time just to get one ready! The main slider on my website consist of 6 banners.


16935543_10154890858141142_1872382737_oI started working on it on January first and I was done on February 5th. 1 day before the big launch!


Initially I wanted to have everything ready for my launch, I really mean EVERYTHING! As you probably know if you do this by yourself too, it is impossible to achieve this if you ever want to jump. I mean, I could have worked for 1 hole year to get it ready the way I wanted too. To be honest, I was not close at all when January ended.

So, I decided to let go and focus on getting my website responsive. 

Social medias :

Of course, a big part of getting successful is being present on social media. Again, god did I not expect to take so much time! So yes, January was a BIG month and February will be too,  but i am getting the hang of it slowly. Buffer is my new best friend!

For now I focus on Instagram  and Facebook. And I will see in the next few months if I add other social medias.

Oh ! And I drank A LOT of tea!


About the author:

 Photo Shape Editor: 

Émélie Hébert Poulin is a Mental Health Warrior, her mission is to break the stigmas by showing the REAL faces of mental illnesses • She wants to talk openly about the tools and the resources that could help the ones that need it. In fact, she is building an empire (or community huhu!) while struggling herself with emetophobia and general anxiety disorder. Learn more about that girl that lives to inspire on her website.


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