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On The Way To Become A Surf Instructor


February of Lauren Ní Cholgáin

It’s now February and the month has been good to me so far.

I’m more disciplined at dragging my sorry Lorry-arse out of bed in the morning and making my lift to the beach on time (though some mornings I do still have a love affair with my duvet). It helps that the 1st of February is the first day of Spring in Ireland – even if the weather is now more bitter than the Winter. The days are growing longer and the sun now rises at 8am which makes a huge difference for me.

I am getting back into the swing of pushing myself. I’m a hard worker but somewhere along the way I gave in to the dark side of laziness. This past week I have had swims where my lungs burned so much I thought I would breathe fire if I were to open my mouth too much. Mentally, I have found more drive too. Letting me push myself and not give myself an easy pass is becoming more natural again.

Photo by Henry Ballinger

The McColgan family motto is, ‘Virtus Probata Florescit – Tried Virtue Flourishes,’ and I know that the harder I work the more it will pay off.

As of three weeks ago I have returned to veganism as my diet. (Oh, how my friends’ eyes will roll at that one.) I feel great. My skin is getting compliments. People tell me that I have a buzz and vibrancy.

I have also returned to work in the cafe as it has reopened. I like being a waitress and chatting to customers. Earning money again is a massive relief too.

February will be gone before long and March will bring more Spring, more training, more money, and more challenges. April 7th -the date of my exam- is approaching at a pace that makes me poo myself every time I think about it.

It’s exciting. It’s terrifying. It’s happening.

More soon.

Look up.

Love, Lauren x

About the author:

Photo Shape Editor: is a spark of life. Irish at heart, she brings joy and simplicity wherever she goes. She knows how to connect with people and has always a fun story to share. Her goal is to become a surf instructor. But her mission is to find balance in her life, and help others find theirs. It’s all about the community or all about Nutella. Yes, she’s the one that emptied the last jar.  You can find her beautiful writing and personality here on the blog.

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