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20160131_115145February of Maud Duchesne

Days at work kept getting worse, as I went on a rant talking about this with one of my close friend, I realized why I didn’t like to be an employee. For me, not being my own boss meant I was not able to be as effective as I know I could be. And this situation happened to me every single time I got a new job. This pattern where the first 2-3 months are wonderful and I am motivated, full of projects and ideas. But after that, I realize I can’t go on with these ideas and projects because people are afraid of change. Then, I have to keep on working as we’ve been doing it for years, and the lack of challenge kills me.

I know it is a symptom of my ADHD, but it is also a reason for me to push myself harder, because I know I can do so much better.

These facts helped me out in building my business plan and staying focused.

I also had my evaluation at work. I was quite surprised! My boss thinks I’m a good employee. I was not expecting that at all, as I don’t feel like being as much effective as I know I could be.

“Positive and great to work with people” were her only comments.

She puts 4 and 5 out of 5 everywhere, 4 being very good and 5 being excellent. It made me realize that it’s not enough for me to fill my boss’ needs.

I mean, my job has no challenges for me, and being “enough” is, well, not enough.

I write emails, I take care of our Facebook page. I classify documents digitally and physically. There is nothing to learn, to work on or to plan. I especially don’t feel like I make any change in the company. I am under the impression that no matter who is in this place, the job gets done in a perfect way. At first, I was thrilled to be the only office employee of a big touristic attraction that shares my values; now I know that even though I would like to, I can’t do anything more than what is asked. As I am the only one in the office besides my boss, it sort of makes me the jack-of-all-trades of the office. Accounting, customer services – which I hate SO much -, marketing, design, IT specialist, etc., are all taken in charge by me.

It is great to do a lot of things in many fields, but I can’t do them the way I would like to in only 35 hours a week! It’s like the owner does not value how much it would be worth it to hire more people, because I do it for a really low salary.

As a side project, I developed a partnership with one of my friends whose work is amazing: he is an antique dealer. I don’t know how he does it, but he manages to find the most gorgeous freaking old objects; newspaper, jewelry, decorations, books, pictures. I opened an Etsy shop for some of his items. My boyfriend took the pictures and I wrote all the descriptions. The objects we put there are honestly amazing! There is an antique yellow tea pot that I love so much. I can’t wait to have our first sale! There are a lot of objects not yet on it, and my favorite piece is to come. ( ) As for my own Etsy boutique, I am too perfectionist: I want to have at least 20 articles before opening it. But I told myself March would be the month I do it, 20 articles or not! Yay!

But as much as I want to start my own business, I am also afraid of a possible failure. So, I applied on few jobs that would be more interesting for me. Financially, it could be a wonderful step forward. But that would mean to let go of my business project. And to risk being bored after 6 months. I chose jobs where I would have more responsibilities and challenges. Anyway, I will go with the flow and see what happens.


  • I decided to put back on track my music blog, because I miss writing about music and cultural events. My team responded pretty well! More than 10 people showed interest in writing on the blog. I still have a lot of work to do to get this all back on track. It really fills me with joy when I give the chance to a fan to see, meet and interview a band: they are so passionate!
  • I had many small contracts with new clients


  • My hyperlaxity, boooh. I now suffer from 3 different tendinitis: wrist, thumb and ankle. Not the best when you are on a computer all day long!
  • Financial pressure is nearly unbearable. I’ve always been bad at taking care of my wallet, but I never had problems. Since I lost 10 k in an abusive relationship two years ago, I really am struggling to recover!  
  • I feel stalled.


About the author:

Photo Shape Editor: Duchesne has always been a jack of all trades, from building her cottage with her family to knitting, fishing or writing. Professionally, she is an editor and translator. She studied language science in college and discovered a taste for writing (publicly) with music blogging few years ago. But for many years now, she had been pushing back this exciting idea of working for herself as a professional translator and editor, as well as selling her crafts on Etsy. But she’s ready to take us on her journey now and make it happen! Follow her on La Craftsy Cat Lady

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