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How to follow your own rules while being your best manager

IMG-20160206-WA0142Live by your own rule

Have you ever noticed that most of us are good when it comes to providing advice, but quite bad when it comes to follow them? Well, I strongly believe we could all be our own motivator and coach if we were to listen to ourselves. How come can we easily find solutions for others, but not be strict about respecting ideas or rules we believe are genuinely good? Let’s write our list of rules and be a strict boss for ourselves. Ready?

Recognize your own value 

I believe it all starts with the fact that we don’t value our worth enough. You are strong and brilliant! Believe that your advice and ideas are awesome. You are the boss of the year, but you should make sure that you are a good employee too and that you follow the rules you’ve given for yourself. Realize that you are worth to be taken seriously. And before seeking for the best advice from others, start by looking at yourself. What do you truly believe is a good attitude to have, a good habit to take or a great routine to implement? Think about solutions and work as hard as you can to apply your beliefs to your own life.

Write & create a board of rules

What level of awesomeness do you want to reach? What do you think you should work on? As a new entrepreneur, I must make sure I maximize my time and represent what I believe in. Therefore, I wrote few statements to remind myself what I believe is the best way to act everyday to reach my goals.


To do your own, include elements such as:

  • Your eating habits
  • The bad habits you want to transform
  • The healthy pattern you want to implement
  • Your sleeping routine
  • Some motivation quotes
  • Few ways to reach your goals

By creating your own set of rules and putting it at view, in your bedroom or on your kitchen wall, you always keep it close and can use it as a friendly reminder. For example, read it when you feel like your days are a mess or if you are getting of track in order to recenter and focus. One day, you will feel like it became natural for you to follow your rules and you will be ready to write a new board and repeat the cycle until you reach amazingness. There will always be progress if you keep moving.

Here is what mine looks like:

Rules I live by:

  • Meditate actively once a day, maybe after tea
  • Be your own boss & be a good employee for yourself
  • Wake up early, even when it is comfy
  • Don’t scroll during working hours, don’t scroll at all
  • Take care of your body (eat, drink, sleep)
  • Find ways to be more productive. It is hard to create in front of a screen. Use paper & pen
  • If the key is creativity, work wherever makes you the most inspired
  • Don’t force yourself to be in front of a computer, limit your use to 3-4 hours a day, work faster
  • Don’t multitask. Quit watching videos while doing something else, it takes longer for a boring task. Just get it done
  • Don’t make yourself numb by watching senseless content. Nurture your brain & use every opportunity to learn.
  • Care for your mind
  • Music is your friend. It must be used when needed
  • No screens one hour before sleep for real Yo
  • Don’t binge Netflix until you sleep. Find your own routine (draw, sing, shower, yoga)
  • Eat when you are hungry. Don’t follow a rigid schedule
  • Listen to your body. He knows better
  • 30 min a day should be set aside to exercise.
  • Do every action from your heart
  • Be your own inspiration





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