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Finding her path between being a military stay at home mom and an inspiring entrepreneur

January of Julie R-Bordeleau

Change of plan…

When it comes to setting goals in my life, It is never so easy. I feel like every time I try to find ways to pursue them, something comes in the way and disorganize me. In fact, having a military life is hard on my dreams: when you think you might have set a great routine, Department head comes with an exercise, a mission or even a posting. If you like the unknown, it’s the best way of life! But if you want to build up a project, be prepared to put it aside once a while, even quite often…

Back in 2011, I wanted to change my professional occupation. I was tired to be tired all the time, to feel like I was trying to get my head of the water almost all year long while teaching. Being a young teacher is hard, as I said before. So when we got posted to Ontario, it was the chance of my life to try to figure out what I would like to do in life in order to bring some money in our bank account. That way we could enjoy vacations, enjoy restaurant dinner in family, etc. I first tried to be a home caregiver. It was okay at that moment because it gave me the opportunity to stay home watching the kids grow. But it has also its challenges to take care of infants and toddlers while taking care of your own children. So I did run my home daycare a year and half. Before my third’s child birth, I’ve decided to stop and try to figure out the next step for me during my maternity leave.

In 2014, we had a surprise! Husband got posted back to Quebec. So we moved with our 6
months old, our 2 and half and our 4 years old kids.

That move has been the biggest challenge of my life.

I wasn’t prepared for that at all. I was enjoying Ontario and I was starting to figure out my next step. This change has changed everything. My projects were put on hold for almost a year and I was completely mixed up. After few visits to the social worker and lots of work on myself, I decided that it was time for me to decide for real what I wanted to build.

I launched my first blog in order to share my passions and see what will come out of that. Through the years, I’ve evolved a lot and I needed to separate one of my passion from the others. Then, LilyAcademix came to life. I wanted to share my passion about education and homeschooling. While blogging and networking with all kinds of people, I’ve observed the challenges of French homeschooling families and decided I had to help them with my own knowledge.

I am therefore trying to build my blog in order for it to become a reference in all sorts of educational resources. Soon, I wanted to announce my services as a educational consultant, but another challenge came in the way: I am pregnant again!

With that new change of plan, I have to revisit every goal I had in mind, due to the lack of energy I will have during my pregnancy. I will have to build a whole new vision because having another child change a lot for the next years to come…

About the author:

Photo Shape Editor: R-Bordeleau dreams of a better education system. She aspires to practice homeschooling with her kids, when it will fit her family needs. Until then, she continues helping homeschooling families to live their lifestyle with LilyAcademix as well as detailing her journey as a solo moms to help others feel like they are not alone through her own blog.




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