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On The Way To Becoming An Artist


February of Marjolaine Savoie

Oh well, my life took a 180° turn.

I thought I was heading toward my goals one turtle step at a time, but somehow, life forced me in the direction I hopefully was meant to be taking. So here is what happened. Last month, I was proud to have faced my boss and obtained a part-time schedule. I could stay at my job, while still working on my blog, yoga and music. But here’s what happened:

  1. On a certain Thursday, I went to my first ever casting for a commercial in Germany. Thought to myself I would be so happy to fully focus and quit my job, but that would be a crazy move since I just got a promotion.
  2. On the following Monday, I got fired. Yup. No more place for a part-time in a growing Start-Up.
  3. On Tuesday, I got a call telling me I got booked for my first ever commercial!
  4. On Valentines day, I got a call to do a E-casting, so via internet.
  5. Following Wednesday and Thursday, I went to Dusseldorf to shoot the commercial.
  6. Following Thursday on my way back to Berlin, I got a call telling me I was booked for another commercial the week after.
  7. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of shooting.
  8. I made the decision to register as a Freelance and launch my yoga business. (Still not sure how that happened)
  9. Went to the office and had an hour long appointment in German to set things and fill the paperwork.
  10. Got scared, thrilled, worked on my website and did one or two yoga move.

Among all that mingle, I met a producer via a music Facebook group in Berlin. We started recording my first single. I was singing in a real professional recording microphone for the first time. I drank a glass of red wine and I met him few more times.

I realized I was producing MY FIRST SINGLE.

I took a deep breath, listened to the song, got way to excited and realized that everything I had been working toward and having in my head as a vision was coming to reality ALL AT ONCE.

So much to handle.

Things I have to work on:

-My German. How I am supposed to be self-employed in Germany and understand the laws without German.

-My songs. If I want to produce my first EP before the end of June, I have to rehearse and sing all day.

-My yoga practice. It has to get stronger if I am to teach every day of my life. I have to get creative, create new sequences, review my alignment.

-My organization. Did you know that you have to keep every paper for 10 years as a self-employed. EVERYTHING. I usually burn things in fire after a year like when I was in high school and just finished my last math exam. Well, apparently, that doesn’t work anymore.

I am so so happy to have you all in this journey. Let’s keep working! xx

About the author:
Marjolaine is the owner of the blog, a young graduate in Psychology and a Yoga teacher. She lives in Berlin and is aiming toward her goal of having a career as an artist while being her own boss. While slowly making her way into the music scene and the Yoga community, she secretly dreams of having enough money to do a tour of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

To learn more about the project  it’s here

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